The JuneBug Retro Resort is an amazing venue in Weaverville that offers something unique for weddings of all sizes. Want to incorporate individually-themed retro campers into your big day? You can do that! Matt and I got a chance to visit and take some great photos courtesy of Stephan Pruitt Photography. Just us, in Asheville-themed clothing featuring some of our favorite local places. When I describe this photo I simply say, “Those looks say it all.”


TwoPeas Postcards is a small stationery business dedicated to making hand-drawn, digitized, and graphically-designed cards, invitations, prints, and all things paper. Our motto is if you’re going to make something, make a difference, and it’s with that in mind that a portion of all sales proceeds go to animal rescues and other organizations that dedicate every day to making our world a better place. My goal with all of my custom requests is to create something that the client can relate to – something that screams “them.”


As far as weddings are concerned, I belive there are two things that should ALWAYS be at the top of any couple’s checklist:


1. Make it about you.

2. Say I do.

Serving All of North Carolina

Making art that’s about you and contributing to the greater good, too

If someone had told me even two years ago, that today I’d be introducing myself to couples across the state as a wedding and elopement vendor, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. But then again, if the same person said I’d have my own small art business today, I don’t know that I’d have bought that, either! I’ve always loved drawing, art, and graphic design, but considered anything I did with it a hobby until just over a year ago. With a lot of encouragement from family, friends, and my biggest fan (my husband, Matt), I took the plunge and turned a hobby I’m passionate about into something bigger. For me, but also for my community.

TwoPeas Postcards is named after my Corgi mix, Banjo, and my Corgi, Margot. They’re always like two peas in a pod, and my love for them and all things animal rescue is a driving force behind my decision to link this business to charitable giving. These Corgis are featured in much of what I create, and the work I do that incorporates people’s fur kids is always my favorite!

TwoPeas Postcards was born in 2020 as a small art business with a focus on driving profits toward the groups that dedicate every day to making a difference in the world – animal rescues, non-profits, and other cause-oriented organizations. Animal rescues are big for me. Matt and I have four rescue fur kids, two cats (Tweek and Olive) and two Corgis (Banjo and Margot), we’re actively involved in volunteering with the Southeast Corgi Rescue, and we love supporting other rescue organizations in our area. We also support organizations that make it possible for underprivileged and underrepresented groups of people to get further ahead, and it’s been my goal with every art creation to support all of them too. A portion of all proceeds go to non-profits and organizations, and in 2021 I also started announcing a featured organization each month.

TwoPeas Postcards had this to say:

“We joined ElopeNC because its mission to “throw tradition to the wind” is one we stand behind. Don’t get us wrong – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tradition. If that’s what you want. But weddings and other special events are major milestones for those of us celebrating them, and we deserve to remember all our big days exactly the way we want them to be. Not just what everyone else may expect them to be. We’re excited to partner with more couples looking to do things “differently” for their weddings, and we’re just as excited to partner with those of you celebrating other special events in their life.”

Check out the rest of the article on their site! -> Planning an event in 2022? There’s a card for that!

My motto is that if you’re going to make something, make a difference. TwoPeas got its start by making a difference through postcards, note cards, greeting cards, and other small art items – all pre-made based on my own vision – cute animal creations, commemorations of notable world events, call outs for something special about Asheville (the city I love to call home), etc. But the more TwoPeas grew, the more I realized that my vision is only part of what makes this business successful. The other part – and it’s a big one – is the vision of all the clients I’m lucky enough to work with. Pre-made creations quickly led to requests for custom artwork and by the end of its first year, I decided that bringing TwoPeas into the world of weddings and elopements would be an awesome way to use art and graphic design as a celebration of one of life’s most important things – love. 

Incorporating a local element into weddings, elopements, and special events can make them even more unique. I take pride in my efforts to do that in my custom and pre-made creations, and these locally-themed cards featured at the Foundation Asheville art market are a testament to that.

I myself am a “non-traditional” bride. Matt and I got married in a private ceremony at an inn outside of Asheville in Swannanoa with just our parents, two good photographer friends in attendance.

After the ceremony, we had a small reception on-site for our family and close friends; it was no more than 30 guests, and it was probably STILL bigger than we really wanted it! We had so many people question why we were doing things the way we were, why more guests weren’t invited to the ceremony, etc. And my answer was always the same – because this is about us, and what WE want. All we really want is to get married and celebrate each other together.


Every decision we made for our wedding stemmed from the belief that our marriage, and the celebration of it, should first and foremost be about us. I want to help other couples celebrate the same sentiment by helping them find ways to really make their wedding and elopement invitations, invites, announcements, and all things paper be completely unique to them, with customized art and graphic design. I’m thrilled to be able to work with couples to make unique art that reflects them and their celebration while contributing to a greater good in the process!

This was our Thanksgiving 2020 family photo, and it’s a good reflection of who I am and what’s important to me. My husband, Matt, and my two Corgis (the two peas) are my everything!

Q: What’s your title/position in your business?

A: Gretchen Gudites, Owner and Artist

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: Pre-pandemic, I had a long-standing goal – a “living bucket list” if you will – to visit at least one new place per year. I kept it up on my own while I was single, and after I met my husband we had fun exploring the world together this way. As long as it was new, it counted, but I’m not going to lie. The international locations were the most exciting. I checked amazing places off my list and became a pretty awesome DIY travel planner. Spain. Greece. Guatemala. Australia. Canada. Italy. Hong Kong. Mexico. Iceland. Travel is an amazing thing and doesn’t have to be a budget buster. I look forward to my husband and I being able to resume our adventures soon, and wouldn’t mind giving pointers to eloping couples either!

Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements?

A: Most people getting married seem to get lost in the “wedding madness” and focus so much on making an elaborate affair to impress friends and family. My personal opinion is when you do that, the two most important people at any wedding (the couple!) get stressed out, lost in the fray, and often end up having an event that isn’t really about them or what they wanted.

This is why I appreciate elopements and want to support others pursuing them for whatever reason they choose to have one – it brings the focus of weddings back to the people who are getting married. And there’s nothing more important than that.

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: Since I’ve known my husband, I’ve had a not-so-secret travel wish. One day, we’d wake up and head to the airport packed with a suitcase filled with a long weekend’s worth of clothes for all seasons and pick our travel destination on the spur of the moment depending on what the options are and what tickets are still available. Why? Because it’s fun to not have everything – and sometimes have nothing – planned to the finest detail to see how well you can improvise! It would be amazing to see this kind of travel adventure turned into an elopement adventure, and I’d love to make the announcements for the lucky couple when they share their big news with the world. “Last weekend the travel winds took us to…. And we came back married! Please join us in celebrating this adventurous start to a lifetime of happy moments and travel excursions together!”

2020 was a big first year for TwoPeas Postcards. Our cards were sold in local Asheville stores, shown in the storefront for a new local history museum, and were sold in a local art market at Foundation Asheville. There were also more custom creations that we can count, all of which supported non-profits and cause-oriented organizations

Ever wonder what you may look like in a piece of art? TwoPeas Postcards can help you do that, and for proof, I started with me and the two peas. Here we are – in art!

Everyone has their wedding favorites, and these are a few of mine. Jim captured moments of us being us and celebrating each other on our big day perfectly. I want to make sure that my work reflects couples in a similarly special way.

Photos by Jim Hardesty Photography at Sleepy Hollow Inn & Event Center, Swannanoa NC