Headshot of Lindsey by Leigha Gray Photography

I’m a Travel Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer from Raleigh, NC! I started my business back in college, just doing headshots and grads, but then it grew into capturing love stories!! I enjoy traveling, hiking, cooking, and being active in the gym or out in nature! You could definitely say I’m totally a granola hippie, and you can normally find me in flowy pants and birks or leggings and Nikes most days of the week!

Serving The Triangle, The Triad, Western NC, Southern NC

I love photographing elopements and my approach is to tell a love story in the most candid way possible. I want to make it seem like I’m barely there, and when you look at your photos, I want you to feel as if you’re reliving it all over again through your own eyes, not through mine. I know my company is literally called Through Lindsey’s Lens, but I want to capture your vision for your day that speaks to your individual story. I truly believe it’s impossible to be sad when it comes to capturing the day you marry your best friend, and I want you guys to feel as stress free throughout the course of your day as possible. I’m there to ensure that happens for you and to give you two the space to really take it all in.

Headshot of Lindsey by Leigha Gray Photography

Headshot of Lindsey by Leigha Gray Photography

My number one priority in any elopement or intimate wedding is focusing fully on the couple and making sure they are creating the best, most authentic, and positive memories from their day. I am simply there to capture those moments and remind them that this day is all about their love. Oftentimes, people just see their photographer as someone who is there to take their photos and leave with little to no interaction, but with me, that’s not the case. I want to be there by your side for any questions, even if the couple just needs to complain to someone. Planning a day to marry your partner can be stressful, but the stress should not outweigh the excitement. I’m along for the ride to be not only the one capturing authentic memories but to be the confidant they might need to help make their dreams a reality.

Mountain Elopement in Boone, NC

Mountain Elopement in Boone, NC

I feel like a lot of times, some couples who elope are SO afraid of what their family might think. I’d say I’m the CEO of telling people to do whatever the HECK they want because at the end of the day, it’s your life and no one else’s and if you keep going through life with the intent to please everyone else instead of yourself, you’ll never live up to your full potential of happiness. And trust me, I was and honestly still am in some ways a HUGE people pleaser. I used to do what everyone else wanted me to do. But now, I don’t even ask permission. I do what I want and choose what is best for me, even if it’s not always what others want. If they truly love you, they’ll get over it. So if that’s a big fear for you and your partner going into eloping, I’ll be your girl to hype you up. I’ll talk to your parents. I will show you just how much happiness you will feel knowing you did something JUST for you and your partner because it speaks to you!

Photo by Through Lindsey's Lens at Providence Cotton Mill

Photo by Through Lindsey’s Lens at Providence Cotton Mill

I began my photography business without even having the intention to turn it into a business. I was studying visual communications, which isn’t a very widely known major, but I found it at a university and it seemed like the perfect fit. I have always been a very visual learner. Anytime anyone would read me something or lecture me, I absorbed nothing. But anything I would see or experience firsthand, I felt so much more involved and so much more excited to learn. And so, my major was just that. It focused on uniquely communicating information in a visual sense so that people such as myself felt more intrigued and inclined to learn. This covered things like graphic design, web design, motion design, photography, videography, and basically anything else you look at and gain something from.

While in college, I started my photography journey just by taking headshots for friends in college here and there. I always saw it as more of a hobby, and then one day, my friend asked how much I charge, and it never occurred to me that I could make it a job. From there, I began to wonder and look into how I could create a business all on my own from scratch, and while the amount of work seemed overwhelming, every step of the process excited me for the future. And now, I’ve discovered how much I love capturing love, and how bizarre it is to me that I ever thought about working for anyone else or doing anything else.

There are so many things I love about being a vendor, but my favorite definitely has to be meeting so many types of people along the way. Not even just in the sense of business networking but I just LOVE meeting strangers and talking to them. It has been a huge help with my confidence, in general, to strike up a conversation with someone new. I’ve recently started traveling alone and meeting new people along the way, and it has definitely built me as a person in the best way. I now have so many friends all over the country – and even the world because – I took the leap and just started talking!

Photo by Through Lindsey's Lens at Providence Cotton Mill

Photo by Through Lindsey’s Lens at Providence Cotton Mill

I know it’s going to sound SUPER cliche, but I really am beyond passionate about traveling. Growing up, I was always taught that experiences are worth so much more than things. So for holidays, my parents would take our family traveling. And now, at only 21 years old, I’ve been to 18 countries and I’m still going. And I know a lot of people travel to relax and just see the scenery and to drink, but when I travel, I travel to experience. I want to see all the museums, all the ruins, all the history. I want to talk to locals and hear why they love where they live and ask them what foods I need to try and what places I need to see. I want to open my mind to all different cultures so I’m not so oblivious to all the world has to offer. I feel so fulfilled and so much more aware now that I’ve traveled so much, and I crave more. I want to keep learning and keep growing so I never stop appreciating how unique our world is and the people in it. I want to understand it so I can better serve people’s love stories in this world.


So, in all my travels, I’ve loved every place, but I’ll give you a quick list of some favorites with reasons I loved each:

Krems, Austria – The most beautiful small town I drove through on my most recent trip to Europe. I talked to so many locals who grew up there and they never wanted to leave because they loved it so much. The people were so kind and I felt so at peace here.

Nova Scotia, Canada – My family likes to go on trips to places that not many people think to visit. And my sister and I had never been to Canada, so my dad suggested Nova Scotia because he’d never been to the province. We went hiking and whale watching and experienced the most beautiful nature. We went on one 8 miles hike and at the top, there was mountains on one side and ocean on the other, and I felt so amazed seeing the world collide with the sea. It was beyond surreal.

Pompei, Italy – This city had the most enriching culture and history I’ve ever experienced. It felt unreal to walk around a city I’d learned and read so much about and to see where it all happened. It was both so disheartening and beautiful at the same time.

Colorado, USA – For the past couple years, I’ve wanted to live in Colorado. I’ve only visited once, but I feel so insanely drawn to this state. I feel like I belong there. I went to Echo Lake the last time I visited, and I just remember I could not stop smiling the entire time we were walking around. Once again, looking at it didn’t seem real. It felt like I was in a painting.

Q: What’s your title/position in your business?

A: Lindsey Hargesheimer – Owner and Photographer

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I have been to over 20 concerts and love going to live music any chance I get!

Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements?

A: I love the intimate setting of elopements and how they really focus on the love the couple has for one another. A bigger wedding can be so stressful and can seem so mandatory just because it’s traditional, but the good thing about elopements is that even after you have one, you can still have a big ole party of a reception later with all your friends and family! The best of both worlds!

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: I would LOVE to do a morning after adventure session the day after the wedding with my couple!

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: My favorite elopement was one I did with the sweetest couple and their pup. It was very intimate and was my very first elopement, so it will always hold a special place in my heart!

“We loved working with Lindsey. She was super sweet and very professional. Since booking, she was always available to answer my questions and provided me with all the details I needed to know. She shared her Pinterest inspiration board beforehand which helped us understand her vision better. We had so much fun during our session. It was very relaxed and it felt like we were just hanging out with a friend. Our gallery was delivered on time and we loved all the photos we got. We are so glad we got the opportunity to work with Lindsey and would recommend hiring her for your photography needs.” – Jessy and Bryce

Couple engagement photo by Through Lindsey's Lens in Wake Forest, NC

Couple engagement photo by Through Lindsey’s Lens in Wake Forest, NC