Theresa & Bill are such an incredibly sweet couple. From the moment I met Theresa, our talks were filled with beautiful stories of their relationship and how chock full of meaning their day would be. Bill is both an extremely talented writer and woodworker {what an amazing combination!}, and so for the proposal, he created her a wooden “Life-Changing Machine” that housed both the ring and the official question. He told her this full and rich story about this machine and how she should only turn the crank if she was ready for that change.

Their day was equally full of meaning. To start, an important friend officiated the ceremony on the back porch of their home {Bill’s at the time, but now both of theirs!}. Then, the officiant’s wife prepared their wedding cake, and Sir Buckley the dog was in full attendance and so excited to see Bill & Theresa wed.

The back porch had been decorated simply and romantically. There were flowing fabrics and even more meaningful objects. My favorites were the jars of marbles signifying filling each other’s lives with positivity and love. Post-ceremony, we explored their home together. Bill showed me some of the projects he’d been working on. And, we visited their chickens Sweet Caroline and Bruce {how amazing are these names?}, the blueberry bushes, and the cozy front porch.

This was a really fantastic way for the two of them to celebrate. It was full of meaning but not extravagantly, and fitting them perfectly.

Photographer: Raven Shutley Studios
Cake: Cassie Cakes