I am a wedding photographer specializing in last-minute weddings and elopements. I love being able to capture the special love and connection that a couple has on their wedding day. My photography style is very natural with a bit of oomph to make sure that my couples remember their wedding day for how it was and love their photos for years to come. My business is based out of Greensboro but I am happy to travel all over NC.

Serving The Triangle, The Triad, and Southern NC

Hi, I’m Sara, and I’m passionate about life! I’m a bubbly, energetic, fun-loving nerd who always has her camera at the ready. My husband says that it’s impossible for me to like things casually, and he’s totally right – I’m the kind of person that likes to do A LOT of research and have every piece of information possible before doing something, whether it’s for business or personal life.


I grew up in Baltimore, and during 6 years of second-shooting for a top Baltimore-area wedding photographer (Positive Images by Rettberg, since retired), I knew I loved the magic of candid moments. I can’t count how many times the couples would come back saying that one of my “stolen moment” photos ended up being their favorite of the day. Since then, I am constantly searching for those moments in every photoshoot that I do.

I didn’t always know I would own a wedding photography company. I went to college at High Point University after living in Baltimore my whole life. I moved back home after college and miserably worked in retail for two years while my then-boyfriend, now-husband, finished grad school in North Carolina. Eventually, I took a leap of faith and moved down here to be with him – I didn’t even have a job lined up! But it obviously worked out for me haha! My husband has always been supportive of my dreams, but the biggest surprise about starting my own businesses was how incredibly supportive people have been, including the wedding community and people I don’t even know.

I love applying what I learn in unexpected ways, and I feel like every lesson makes me a better photographer. Since I always want my clients to feel comfortable, I’ve adapted a trick I used while nannying to loosen everybody up, create a relaxed mood, and connect with my couples in a fun way – I call them “silly breaths.” I get my clients to take a big, deep breath in and then blow a big raspberry out for their exhale. Sometimes I’ll add a little shake to the raspberry. The laughter and natural smiles are always perfect for candids.

While Maryland had plenty of beautiful nature, everything in North Carolina feels so much lighter and more spacious. My particular favorite thing about NC is honestly the Zoo. I LOVE the NC Zoo and go as often as I can. It’s the largest natural habitat zoo in the world and the animals there are so amazing and so happy with how good they have it. Animals and conservation are 2 things other than photography that I’m really passionate about.

“Sara is a joy to work with…she really let us be us, and the pictures spoke volumes!! I will recommend Sara to any family and friends. We will definitely use her again. Thanks so much, Sara! :)”

- The Meadows, 2021

Speaking of things I’m passionate about, we should totally nerd out together if you like superheroes, science, Shakespeare, and strategy games… My favorite superheroes are pretty much any badass female (the first Wonder Woman movie literally made me cry because of the feminist amazingness). As far as games, my favorites recently have been Mixtape Massacre which is kind of like a reverse Clue as strange as that sounds and Bards Dispense Profanity which is Cards Against Humanity but all in Shakespeare puns.

For science, I just love to learn, but I have a particular interest in neuroscience. My Intro Psych professor in college did an exercise where you thought about someone that you loved unconditionally and completely for a few seconds, and then he explained that that entire fuzzy feeling that you get was a specific mixture of chemicals and hormones going *squirt* in your brain in a very specific place at a very specific time. THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL haha. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with neuroscience.

Basically, once we start working together, you can trust that I’m going to be passionate about your shoot. I want to get to know you and bring out your favorite qualities, and truly create a connection that can last through the years. From engagement shoots and weddings to maternity, newborn and anniversary shoots, I’m here to capture all your special moments. Plus, I love being a postpartum doula. Caring for new mothers is something that I think is extremely important and extremely overlooked in this country so I’m hoping to be part of the solution for that. Being a former nanny/postpartum doula/girl from Baltimore… if there’s one thing I’m used to, it’s a quick change of plans or a curveball, which I think definitely gives me an advantage on working with any couple, at any time, in any season. 

Q: What’s your title/position in your business?
A: Sara Gibson, Owner/Lead Photographer
Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements?
A: In my experience, when couples elope, it means that they really, truly just want to be married. All the elopements I’ve photographed have been some of the best weddings to shoot because you can see how much the couple really loves each other. The frills of the wedding day don’t matter, it’s the getting married that’s most important.
Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
A: I love all things gaming. Board games, D&D, video games, and more
Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?
A: I would love to have a client reach back out to me for their maternity/newborn photos!
Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: The groom contacted me and told me that he wanted to give his bride everything she wanted, but she just wanted to get married. They were both older and it was their second marriage each. The bride and the groom, individually and unknowingly, both told me that they thought they were done with love and romance after their first marriages until they found each other and they felt so lucky to have one another. The bride raved about how amazing her groom was, and vice versa; you could see from a mile away how in love they were. After the ceremony, the bride was so happy and filled with emotion that she hugged me in excitement even though she had known me for less than an hour. They both were so kind and such lovely souls. I get fuzzy feelings looking back at their photos.