An evening walk through the woods – The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve

Hey! I’m Audrey,

photographer and owner of Rose Trail Images. Based out of Raleigh, I provide authentic and candid photos for fun-loving people who want to preserve memories. I’m passionate about creating art, showing connections, and sharing laughter!

Serving All of North Carolina

I thrive off of something I like to call “The Vicious Cycle of Awesomeness.”
Here’s how it works… I get you to naturally laugh. Or smile. Or just be authentically you. I look at it through my lens and I snap what I see. I come up for air, see what I caught, and squeal as I jump up and down because I’m SO DAMN EXCITED that I just caught THAT amazingness!!! Which in turn causes you to laugh at how ridiculous I am, because come on… who is filled with THAT much joy over one shot??? While you’re laughing at me, I start snapping more of you, which in turn causes even MORE awesome shots and MORE squealing and excitement and MORE laughter… like I said, The Vicious Cycle of Awesomeness.

Hi. I’m Audrey, and I love what I do 🙂

I am the typical cliché of “Mom always wanted to learn how to take nice photos on a fancy ass camera so she bought one when she had babies”… and I own that. All of that. I was a special education teacher for 14 years before I finally figured out that photography was my love AND my passion and I decided to make a go at it, and I’ve never looked back. I am SO DAMN LUCKY to get to do what I do every day. I meet amazing people in amazing places, capturing the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen. I’m inspired on a daily basis.

Speaking of being inspired, know what inspires me??? Sun rays peeking through the trees. Fall leaves after a rainstorm. Water rushing over rocks and making the sand below glisten. And love stories that are so beautiful they make you cry. The magical thing about elopements is that it’s not about all the stuff and the traditions and the fluff. It’s about the two of you. Your connection. Your story. The two of you coming together in the most beautiful and intimate way possible. And that inspires me more than anything else.

I’m a storyteller at heart. Being able to tell the story of your day through details… connections… candids… raw emotions… that’s my passion. That’s what I love. I love that even more than the Red Sox, and coming from this former New Englander, that’s saying a lot! From seeing the details of the bridal dress to the tears in Mom’s eyes as she hugs her son. To me, it’s the in-between moments that make up your day. It’s not just the big moments… it’s the little ones, too. The story of your day can be told that much more personally during an elopement. And I am HERE for it. All of it.

So. Want to see that Vicious Cycle of Awesomeness for yourself??? It’s pretty funny, not gonna lie. I am my true, authentic self for you so that you can be your wonderful, silly, awesome selves for me.

Me having a blast working a wedding – Cross and Main, Youngsville
Photo by Lily & Vine Photo Co.

Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Audrey Priel, Owner and Photographer

Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements? 

A: The couple is truly TRULY wanting to be married and be together… it’s more laid back, more adventurous, and more about the love as opposed to the big, giant party. LOVE THEM!!!!

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
A: I routinely hiccup about once every ten minutes, and sometimes it sounds like I’m shouting for help!

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: My favorite elopement was a backyard wedding created in 2 weeks at their brand new home in downtown Raleigh. Eclectic, personal, the best homemade food, and I felt like family. It was THE BEST!

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list? 

A: Snow. An elopement outside in the snow would be AMAZING!!!

This sweet couple had a small elopement and a feast afterwards… where even I had a seat at the large table!!
Cafe Luna, Raleigh
“We hit the JACKPOT by choosing Audrey with Rose Trail Images. I wish I could post all 1300 pictures, but obviously I can’t. I am super awkward when it comes to taking pictures, but Audrey really knows how to make it EASY! She is detailed, she gets to know you, and she makes everyone laugh. We will only ever use her, for FOREVER, for any other photo needs. She got rained on, but it didn’t stop her or her team from capturing every moment. Also, the editing was phenomenal! Do yourself a favor, and use Rose Trail Images!”
- Christen