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Kasey is a badass designer that is crazy passionate about creating jaw-dropping, personalized wedding experiences for couples and their guests. She owns revelry + heart, a custom design studio for couples that revel in their authenticity and crave design that evokes conversation.


revelry + heart’s mission is “following hearts, not trends.” Designing epic wedding keepsakes, Kasey finds your aesthetic and weaves it throughout your wedding to create a personalized atmosphere that feels like you. If you’re looking to create an experience that gets people talking while leaving them speechless, she’s got you.

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Being Your Own Disco Ball – Find your Vibe and Make your Wedding Unique


In my studio, I love to celebrate couples that are seeking ways to stand out. We often work with clients to help them discover unique traits about themselves that they hadn’t considered incorporating into their wedding design.


Many don’t know how to embrace their personality visually, and when merging styles with another person, it can be tricky to find a vibe that celebrates who you are individually and together.


Luckily, this is exactly what I love to do–and the outcome is that you have an amazingly unique result for every couple. It’s not trendy, but it will never be dated or oversold, because it is who you are, and that is something very special.


Step One:

Find your identity – Are you anxious during the engagement?

It’s important to note you’re not losing your identity, just evolving. Many women feel anxious that they are losing themselves when they become a wife. But our identity is not just the roles we play–it’s what we love, what we stand for, and who we share our lives with. Trust that the universe has brought you to this person because of who you are, not what you do for them.


You don’t have to give up on things just because you’re married. You can still do the things you love, and trust that your partner fell in love with you because of these things, not in spite of them.


Tune out the noise – ignore the “industry” and revisit what you love and what has always captivated you. First–identify your values. (Do you see yourself as a power-woman, a family-first, somewhere between the two?) Next, look at your style — Do you know your overall aesthetic in design? Look at your home, the stores you shop at, the movies you love. My romance style quiz is built to help you identify your style and curates a Pinterest board based on your answers!

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 Step Two:

Embrace your identity-Be a Disco Ball!

Find elements that radiate the energy you love. Incorporate it into traditionally stale spaces – your vows, your cake, a unity ceremony can all be personalized.


For my studio and traditional weddings, I believe in amazing invitations! These are the first impression of the wedding and can be a valuable tool to reference as you continue to plan. You can always refer back to colors, mood and style if you’re stuck on a particular wedding decision – and if you create your invitations with a designer, you know you’ve done the research and digging to pick what fits you and your aesthetic.


For an elopement, I recommend going big on details that mean something special to you and you can save later – a keepsake invitation or elopement announcement, flowers, food (even if it’s Bojangles because maybe you had a first date there), whatever holds meaning for YOU.


Think outside the box; the best way to be unique and different from the “Expected” is to personalize everything – not just slapping your name on things, but approaching it in a way that feels like “you.” This is your design identity. Your aesthetic. Your vibe. You’ll never grow tired of it. It’ll never be oversold. This is you.


Step Three:

Celebrate this newfound identity! – Use it to make your mark on your wedding, but also after the day is done. Here’s an example: custom address stamps make elopement announcement cards easy, but they also spruce up holiday cards and even make bills feel more fun.


Design is more than just surface value. By finding your aesthetic, you’ll be able to easily identify what works for your throw pillows on your couch, and unexpected benefits spill into decisions like parenting techniques or holiday gifts as you identify what aligns with your values.


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Q: Where was your favorite elopement?

A: @DanielleRileyPhotography got married in Forks, WA and as Twilight fan, that was seriously so cool to me.

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: I love unique experiences like traveling prosecco wagons or a wedding tattoo artist!

Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Kasey Kyprianou, Owner

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I watch TV shows decades after everyone else–I’m always on the internet and not watching TV, so I’m perpetually behind. I just finished The Hills for the first time. 😳

“Working with Kasey has been the easiest wedding planning decision thus far! At first I wanted to keep things simple and just order some stock invitations from minted. But after emailing Kasey once, I knew she was the one. From the first email, Kasey was warm, welcoming, and excited to work with us! She asked ALL the right questions and got to know us better than we probably know ourselves. She sent us some pictures to get an idea of what we liked and didn’t like. Not once did we speak on the phone or meet in person and I never felt nervous about the outcome or like she wasn’t going to nail our vision. Kasey, you were the best with providing us updates on our invites periodically and not leaving us in the dark. You allowed us to make any changes without getting offended. And we are absolutely FLOORED with the final product! … Thank you SO SO much, we are so grateful for this entire experience! I would recommend Kasey and her services 1000x over to everyone I know. To all future brides: it’s a truly unique and personal experience getting to work with Kasey and I would definitely recommend creating a masterpiece with her!”

Megan, 2019

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