Frankie & Candi strutting their stuff on the rainbow catwalks

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer for party animals and other magical creatures!

Serving All of North Carolina

Simar & Elias being cute together and celebrating their engagement at Highland Inn, Atlanta, GA

Andrea & Becca exploring the mural art in their neighborhood where they first met, East Atlanta Village, Atlanta, GA

My favorite part of being a wedding vendor is getting to meet and experience all kinds of people and relationships. I love creating a comfortable and laidback space for couples to be themselves, to capture what makes them amazing and beautiful and then to show them. Every single couple I’ve photographed stays with me in my heart, and I’m always better for having met them.

Steph & Jacob’s wedding turned pandemic mini-wedding was at a park in Atlanta, GA

“In an industry where the culture makes you feel like you always have to do more and where pinterest can be a dangerous place, Raven is a breath of fresh air. Not once did we ever feel like what we were doing or what we wanted wasn’t “good enough”. She was so down to earth and it felt like we were hanging out with an old friend whenever we were taking pictures. My husband is extremely nervous when taking pictures, but you would have no idea in any of our engagement or wedding photos. Raven was absolutely spectacular and we feel like we won the lottery that we found her. She is very talented and somehow is able to capture the essence of you and your significant other. Every photo set I see from her just continues to reinforce that fact. We are so in love with our wedding photos and are so thankful that we got to work with her. Seriously, talk to Raven, you won’t regret putting your photos into her hands.”

- Rebecca & Ryan

Clarissa & Tiffani celebrating their wedding and graduation on the rooftop at Ponce City Market Skyline Park, Atlanta, GA

Cori & Cody in their amazing and wild backyard

Q: What’s your title/position in your business?

A: Raven Shutley, Owner + Photographer

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I didn’t get my start in photography in the traditional way. I got my start in photography at Medieval Times. Yep. My story began at a place where people eat with their hands, watch knights on horseback, and wear paper crowns. {And once you get to know me, you’ll see just how painfully on-brand that is.} I didn’t go in looking for photography, and I sure didn’t expect to fall in love with photography while I was there, but that’s how love works, isn’t it?

Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements?

A: How flexible they are! We can be spontaneous, take our time, and take extra time to make some epic art, if we want.

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: I recently photographed the elopement of a couple in their 50’s who married on their back porch and wandered through their yard with me. They danced, played with the dog, had cake and champagne, and showed me the woodworking workshop where the groom makes all kinds of amazing pieces including the working device he built to use in his proposal to the bride. It was chock full of meaning and so special.

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: Honestly, any detail that is important to the couple. As someone who was an English major and grew up a theatre kid, items with meaning make my heart beat faster.

Victoria & Jason’s wedding announcement at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ orchid exhibit