PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC serves the Triangle NC and beyond with entertainment and creative services by Paula C Snyder. Paula is a vocalist, musician, songwriter/lyricist/poet/author, motivational speaker, and functional artist. Aside from her own creative activities, she assists other creative entrepreneurs as a mentor, support person, occasional business manager and booking agent.

Serving The Triangle and The Triad

My journey

to becoming a wedding/elopement vendor started when I was in college. A fellow student asked me to sing at his wedding. New to the idea, but adventurous, I jumped right in. “Sure!”

His wedding took place at a Catholic church. I had not grown up in the Catholic faith, nor had I attended many weddings at that point. I wondered, “How am I going to pull this off?” With reverence for my friend, his religion, and some curiosity, I reminded myself that my friend had heard me singing and playing guitar around campus. He liked what he heard enough to ask me to do this for him and his bride-to-be. It would be great.

I remember going to check out the church. It was a huge, older building, with (believe it or not) bats flying from the belfry! The bride and groom were just as surprised as I was to see the bats!

Their priest was very nice. We discussed some song favorites. At that time, non-religious popular music was acceptable during a Catholic church wedding ceremony. 

During the wedding, I sat right up on the stage area in the sanctuary, with the couple down to the right in front of me at the altar. I played our selections at various intervals throughout the ceremony. When it was over, everyone seemed happy, which gave me some confidence about doing more wedding performances in the future.

Small outdoor wedding at JC Raulston Arboretum

One of the most interesting things that happened as a result, was the reaction from the priest. After my friend’s wedding, that priest put me into the wedding business by calling on me frequently – almost weekly – to provide ceremony music for other couples at the church. This priest was very proactive, as I learned later that couples usually plan ahead for ceremony music. Apparently, the couples in this church were not thinking ahead, but the priest had it covered by having a wedding singer ready and available.

My daughter and I performing at my niece’s wedding

I learned more about Catholic weddings from this, singing for ceremonies that included no mass, and ceremonies that included full masses. Soon I understood the ceremony junctures good for a little piece of music and how long each song should be to keep the wedding ceremony moving smoothly.

After I left college, I traveled as a performer for a few years. The circuit put me in coffee shops, bars, hotel lounges, restaurants, and even military officers’ clubs. Eventually, I settled in one place and started a musicians’ booking agency. At that point, I developed relationships with all of the local venues that hosted weddings and other events. They referred business to me as an agent, and as an entertainer. A wedding vendor group was established in my area, and I became involved.  I later sat on the group’s board of directors, helping them put on wedding shows for couples-to-be. Wedding ceremonies and receptions that I performed at as a vocalist/musician, or booked for other entertainers, often turned into second-generation bookings. For instance, I assisted a woman who worked at the bank with music for her daughter’s wedding. When that daughter’s younger sister was ready, the mom called on me again.

Though I performed in venues of various religions for through the years, I didn’t become an expert in faith-based music. Instead, those who hired me appreciated my renditions of their favorite pop songs, along with my ability to connect and respect their backgrounds, styles, and preferences. Whether performing or booking other musicians, I became experienced in attending to details of events that took place indoors, outdoors, and in all sorts of venues. I learned what questions to ask, and what details to point out, helping couples and planners coordinate their occasions with success in mind.

I took a hiatus from music to watch my daughter grow. We moved to the Raleigh area when she was 9. Though I missed being an agent, musician, and business person, I was in a new location.  My efforts to reconnect with the wedding and party markets, did not immediately succeed. In the meantime, I started a full time “traditional” job.

Somehow, after that, I kind of “fell” back into performing.  

First, I became the “go-to” at work for retirement, birthday, promotions, and other special occasions.  I had a knack for customizing unique programs into clever routines that were acceptable in a workplace, while still heartfelt and fun. 

My daughter invited me to sing with her when she was 16.  At the time, she asked if I could negotiate a deal with her boss to hire us for a Christmas holiday program where she worked. One thing led to another. We did that Christmas program, and have continued the tradition of singing together during the holidays every year after (until 2020, when Covid19 forced us all to do things differently).

Aside from the holiday programs, I also started performing in the senior and healthcare realms. In that field, I have really learned a lot about music history and so many genres/styles. The effects that music has on the aged and ill is amazing. My ability to do what I love while serving others has brought me to a very joyful place.

I eventually left my “traditional” job to return to the entertainment business full time.   And here I am, still at it!

“My wedding ceremony was definitely enhanced by Paula’s beautiful music. She was very helpful during the decision making process and was even willing to learn a new song! I highly recommend her services.”

L R Jordan, Bride, Raleigh, NC

It’s funny, that those clever personalized programs I prepared for co-workers, became a basis for providing singing telegrams (I call them “serenades”). Since I left my job, I have been doing many personalized programs for milestone events like birthdays, anniversaries, and even general appreciation. I have performed at a few weddings solo, and some in duet with my daughter. In addition, I have written poetry and original music at times, to share at some of these occasions. I call them “Verses To Go”.  (That’s a long story for another time.)

More recently, I have formed a stronger connection in networking with other wedding and party vendors. I’ve enjoyed providing music experiences for small groups and individuals in some very unique, as well as intimate settings.

My story leads to the reason I am here.  When I heard about Elope NC, I was thrilled with the idea of serving individuals and couples with personalized programs whether used to propose marriage, celebrate engagements, set the mood at wedding commitments, be a part of subsequent anniversaries, vow renewals, new baby arrivals, and appreciative “just because” occasions.  I enjoy “collaborating” with my clients for the best possible outcomes.  All of my previous experiences and joy in working with individuals and small groups seem a perfect fit for serving clients through Elope NC.  I can’t wait to meet you!


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"Paula is amazing! I could not be happier with Paula. I contacted her on relatively short notice to serenade, if you will my wife on our anniversary at her work, let me just say Paula was amazing. She took a lot of time with me to find the perfect songs to sing, she did an absolutely amazing performance for Kerry and even called me after to wish us a happy anniversary. Paula is a class act. Her talent and passion for what she does is unmatched. I would recommend her without a second thought. She made a beautiful lasting memory for us, and I could not be more grateful!"

– Karen W.

"Fantastic all the way around. Paula did a wonderful job for me. I had her sing a love song to my girlfriend at work, and Paula even offered to write a custom poem using some of the highlights from our relationship. I literally couldn't have asked for more. Then to top it off, Paula was involved in a car accident on the way to her performance... but somehow she managed to find a ride and still get there the same day to make sure it went according to plan. It doesn't get more professional than that, you just don't find service and dedication like that anywhere anymore. I was extremely happy, and so was the girlfriend. It was perfect."

– Jerry A.

"My wedding ceremony was definitely enhanced by Paula's beautiful music. She was very helpful during the decision making process and was even willing to learn a new song! I highly recommend her services."

– L R Jordan

"I had Paula play for my 10-year wedding anniversary dinner (audience of 2). She not only played all requested songs, she took the time to learn the music and lyrics for my special requests. She turned up on time and played two straight hours on a night of a predicted snowstorm. True entertaining professional. Highly recommend Paula."

– P. Mitchell

"Thanks for making our special day even better. You have been blessed with a real talent that brings joy to those you share it with."

B & T Janowski

"You were amazing!" "We loved your services & music. The detail that was helpful to us was providing a list of songs/music in your book of work when we started. It helped us understand where to start. Your customer service & attention to detail (follow up emails, access to you for questions and contract information) was exceptional & better than any other vendor we hired." "I am more than happy to pass your name on..."

K. Hepp
Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Paula C Snyder, CEO/Event Performer

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: No bucket list for wedding details or anything else! To me, everything is an adventure, and a joy. There may be an opportunity I never imagined.

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I enjoy customizing and performing unique “serenades” (my version of singing telegrams)!

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: This is actually about a 10 year anniversary: I was hired by a woman to sing for her and her husband during a surprise celebration she planned at home. She was trying to recreate their Hawaii wedding and asked me to sing a few songs the person on the beach did at their wedding. This was on the night of an impending ice/snow storm in Cary. My client had hired a private caterer to cook them dinner. She and her husband sat at their dining room table. To maintain a little privacy and create ambiance for the occasion, I played my acoustic guitar in the living room for two hours. I included the songs she requested (I learned some new ones for her) and with insight about her and her husband, made some of my own selections to match. I stood in the background, though when they’d finished eating, they started engaging in conversation with me as an entertainer. So, I stepped up and entertained a little bit. We all had a great time. She was so appreciative, she tipped me quite generously over and above my intended fee. We stay connected now on social media. I really enjoy these intimate performances. I did one last year again on this order. The husband was making dinner for his wife who’d recently had a baby. He wanted her to be “romanced” a little. I offered to sing out of sight that night because he had surprised her, and she was uncomfortable with a stranger in the house. Soon after, she, her husband, and baby, joined me in the living room, where she relaxed, sang along, and I encouraged them to dance together (including with the baby). It was a good night for all – even the baby was gleeful at the end!