I’m Maria Sollecito, the munchkin strolling around Greensboro NC with my camera. I specialize in beauty portraits and weddings; and I love meeting new people from all walks of life. For my portrait clients, we take beauty to another level with a hint of class and elegance. Then there’s so much in store for my wedding couples on their special day. I prep my ears to listen attentively to your opinions; and focus on bringing your vision to life. My “loving to keep it fun” demeanor has helped diffuse some of the most stressful situations. I take full advantage of my munchkin-ness in capturing the best shots by: climbing trees, standing on rocks, laying on the ground, etc. Whatever it takes, consider it done!

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Maria Sollectio Primary Logo: Quality Artwork, Unique, Fun, Tangible Products

I am a wedding photographer who specializes in tying in your unique love story within your wedding day in order to make it more memorable. My work is a balance of elegant, colorful, and dramatic, and I love listening to my clients’ opinions and goals for their wedding photography experience. My favorite thing about being a wedding vendor is meeting people and hearing about their love story. I love creating unique, quality artwork from your experiences and turning them into a fun, tangible product that you can hold onto forever.

Maria Sollectio Secondary: Quality Artwork, Unique, Fun, Tangible Products

I’ve always loved photography and took some classes in highschool. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my son in 2014 that I ended up photographing alot more frequently. When choosing my business name, I wanted to incorporate my last name in honor of my father, William Sollecito. I wanted his name to live on. However, as time passed, people started to refer to me as the Munchkin on a Mission because I am always hustling and I’m just under 5ft tall. I will do anything for a shot. I literally jumped in a lake in March with my camera!

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Our standard elopement package is typically 2 hours long, depending on what you want. This includes details, the ceremony, family portraits, wedding party and couple portraits. Family photos are the most time consuming part of the wedding day with large weddings; however, I can get it done faster then most photographers! So during an elopement when you have an even shorter time period, I can help make the most of your time.

I met my husband at a Greensboro Grasshoppers game. My husband works with the Grasshoppers and I went with a friend who used to intern with them. He invited us to a party later that night and we talked the whole time. According to him, he remembered 3 things I said to him, “My name, that he had nice eyes, and that the soft part on your elbow is called the weenis.” We got married in 2012 and welcomed our son in 2014 and daughter in 2019. We like to hang out with friends, drink craft beer and wine and pair food with them.

Adventurous Mountain NC Wedding by Mark Maya Photography

My favorite tip to share with couples is: Talk with your vendors! We have seen hundreds of weddings and can help generate ideas and discuss your overall vision for your wedding. When I got married, my photographer did not talk to me. As a result, I didn’t get any bridal portraits of myself, and I would have wanted to do a First Look with my dad.

Q: What’s your title/position in your business?

A: Maria Sollecito, Owner

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I am known as the Munchkin on a Mission, because I will do anything for a shot.

Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements?

A: It’s more intimate for the couple.

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: It was more so the story behind it. He was planning on proposing to her on a trip to Mexico for her birthday, but they had to cancel it because she got Covid. Then he planned to propose during a brunch with their family and friends but she tested positive again. Finally, he proposed in their backyard on her birthday, 6ft apart. He even tossed the ring box to her.

Photo by Shannon Kelly Photo at Old Lystra Inn, Chapel Hill
Photos by Zoey Day Photography and Jordyn Cottle Photography at Wrightsville Beach

We loved having Maria as our photographer! She is a one woman machine. Our bridal party was completed with 16 people, and she was able to nail every single photo. We ended up getting all of our photos, and she kept it moving to where people were not standing around waiting. Guests had said that they enjoyed talking to her and that she was so much fun. The photos turned out so great. Maria is 10/10 the best way to go. – Emily & Matthew 8/29/21

Adventurous Mountain NC Wedding by Mark Maya Photography