Carly, Lindsay, and Matt standing in front of a large tree with streamers on it in Durham, NC
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Wedding Officiant based in Raleigh/Durham, serving all of North Carolina. I officiate religious and secular elopements, weddings, and vow renewals, and particularly enjoy working with geeky/nerdy/offbeat couples, people who include their pets in the ceremony, and LGBTQIA+ folks. I also offer premarital counseling.

Serving All of North Carolina

Carly, Kaitlin, and Nick standing together grinning at Umstead Park
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Hi Everyone!

People often ask how I decided to become a wedding officiant. I had just graduated from Duke Divinity School in 2018 and was trying to figure out how to use my degree. I had initially planned to continue my education and get a doctorate, but I was burned out by the competitive and isolating academic environment. I had recently been in my brother’s wedding party, and it was a beautiful, lovely day with him and his bride, and our family and friends. I had such a wonderful time.


I reflected on how most of my friends are non-religious or not in any mainstream religion, and I saw a need for someone to perform wedding ceremonies tailored to people’s unique spirituality (or lack thereof). I’m also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and know that many of us have an extremely difficult time finding religious groups that are truly accepting of every aspect of ourselves. I knew I could be an officiant that made people feel comfortable no matter their identities. I am also a big geek/nerd and always wanted to be a part of creative, themed, fantasy and sci-fi weddings that went viral.

Carly, Jennifer, and Holly, standing in front of an old barn at Rubicon Farm in West End, NC
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Throughout my journey as a wedding officiant, I have been inspired by my couples who creatively celebrate their uniqueness and diversity in their weddings, from Lord of the Rings elopements to rainbow-inspired ceremonies. Couples are sometimes hesitant to ask me to wear or do something off the wall, but nothing makes me happier than being able to help couples craft a ceremony that authentically celebrates who they are. I don’t mind looking or acting silly if it brings a smile and joy to the best day of the couple’s lives.

I truly love love and love what I do. I love celebrating not only the love between the couple, but the love families and friends have for the couple. While I officiate large weddings (or at least I did before the pandemic), there is a special place in my heart for small elopements that just feature the couple and their two witnesses. It takes much of the pressure off to do/look/act/be a certain way on your wedding day and truly focuses that special moment on the two people who matter most.

I love hearing peoples’ stories and creating a ceremony that is perfect for them, whether silly and extravagant or small and simple, and everything in between. I offer free consults, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Mary and Rick standing next to Carly, who is wearing butterfly wings outstretched
Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC
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Q: What is your favorite thing about elopements? 

A: Elopements are a great opportunity for the couple to make the day really unique and exactly what they want with less pressure from family/friends, and just a lower stress level overall with fewer moving parts to keep track of!

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

A: My favourite color is purple!

Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Owner, Officiant

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: I really want to do a Harry Potter themed wedding!

Q: Where was your favorite elopement?

A: I love doing elopements in parks, Umstead Park, Pullen Park, and Lake Crabtree Park are all lovely.

Stephanie, Becca, and Carly sitting on a couch, Carly is wearing a mask
Greensboro, NC
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Carly is such a sweet and down to Earth human! On such a significant day that symbolizes true love, we wanted someone who really understood and appreciated all that unconditional love represents & how to express something this magical for our ceremony. Sadly some ordained ministers do not marry same sex couples or choose to acknowledge life partners who are same sex. We were relieved to learn that Carly celebrates souls beyond the limits of sex or other physical social labels. They were also willing to email and zoom meet and all other COVID safe communications before & the day of. You’d be lucky to have Carly be a part of your wedding day! 🎉🥰
- Stephanie and Becca

A couple is kissing in the background right after being pronounced husband and wife and in the foreground the officiant’s watch reads 11:11AM on 11/11/2020
Duke Park, Durham, NC

Carly, Lindsay, Mark, and their pups stand on a sand dune at Jockey’s Ridge Outer Banks, NC
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