Hanging Rock Elopement

Hey friends!

We’re Laura & Drew and we’re a wife and husband elopement photography team! We are based in Durham, NC and we love to travel! We spent a year abroad traveling for work and photographing, so you know we’re up for any and all adventures! So whether you’re eloping on top of a mountain or on a boat, we’d be stoked to celebrate with y’all.

We are super chill and down to earth and hope our photos reflect that ease! We love those candid and joyful moments, genuine laughter, beautiful details, and capturing your love story in a journalistic and natural way. Our editing style is timeless with a touch of warmth with a focus on making sure skin tones are true to you. Our posing is movement-based so you won’t feel stiff or awkward. We got you!!

We’d LOVE to grab a drink with y’all or meet on Zoom! We’re such people people and we love getting to know you, your story, and answering any and all questions you have. We’re open books and always here to help.

We believe Love is Love and Black Lives Matter and we welcome any and all couples!

Every elopement is unique and different, and we love that! SO we’d love to hear from you about your dream day! Check out our website www.lauramemory.com and send us a message to say hi! We can’t wait to connect and hear more, yayyy!

Serving All of North Carolina

Canyonlands Elopement

Why a husband and wife team is the best option for your elopement!

I freaking love working with my husband Drew. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical psychology and works with kids and families and does research on how parenting is similar and different across cultures. He’s literally the nicest and most genuine person in the whole wide world. I brought him on as my second photographer over 3 years ago and it’s been a dream! Seriously! We know how each other thinks, moves, and works. Having a second photographer for your elopement day is such a fun option because he can not only get a second angle, but he helps with everything big and small from carrying your backpack so you don’t get sweaty on our hike, to tossing your dress skirt for epic shots, to making us all laugh. I truly am so grateful for him and we love our life of art, travel, and love.

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Wilmington Elopement at The Atrium
Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Laura Escobar, Owner + Photographer

Q: Tell us about your favorite elopement!

A: My favorite elopements are the ones where the couples are happy, have no worries, and just enjoy the day!

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list? 

A: NC bucket list elopement would be a boho-tastic elopement at Max Patch. We also love Utah, Rome, NZ (lived in all of those places!) and a dream would be to photograph an elopement in Iceland or Ireland!

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: Drew and I were high school sweethearts and we are both ENJFs and 2w1s! Laura is a Gryffindor and Drew is a Hufflepuff! We love wine nights, gardening, cooking and our goal is to visit every National Park!

Zion Alpaca Farm Elopement

"Laura and Drew are beyond amazing. They are one of the most humbled, nicest, and fun people I have ever met. They will be your best choice for any photography session. If you are thinking about eloping, do not hesitate to have them as your photographers as well. After contacting Laura, we decided to elope to Moab, Utah. We trusted Laura and Drew in all the process, and let me tell you, they exceeded our expectation on this trip. They made sure everything was PERFECT during the shoot. They had a timeline planned so we could stay on schedule to be able to shoot during sunset/sunrise. They knew the perfect spots to go to. They made it so much fun that make this event stress free. It felt like going hiking with good old friends. Thanks to them, we had the most amazing day. Everything went better than expected. We will forever be grateful to them for making this trip worth it."

Asheville Elopement

Utah Sand Dunes Elopement

Moab Elopement, Arches National Park

Hanging Rock Engagement

Salt Flats, Utah Elopement