We want to share in your excitement, quiet or loud as it may be, about all the love, joy, intimacy, colors, details, and everyday bits of magic that make up your life and your wedding day… Our favorite people love hard and laugh deeply, own all the quirks and weirdness that make them real, value photography and its ability to tell a story that lasts. – MKM Photography

Whether you’re planning a full wedding or downsizing to an intimate event, hiring the right vendors is essential to creating the day you want. Booking professionals with experience takes stress off your plate as you finalize your plans, and vendors often work behind the scenes on your wedding day, making things run smoothly. For most vendor types, hiring a quality pro comes down to asking the right questions to make sure they can accommodate your style of event and execute your specific needs, which can be determined via email and quick phone calls, but there are two vendors you need to hire with an extra aspect in mind – their personality.

Emily Katherine Events

“During the planning stage, she helped us with plenty of unique ideas, and recommended the most wonderful vendors. We knew we could trust them because they were Emily approved. We also loved how Emily made great efforts to keep the wedding environmentally friendly. On the day of the wedding, she helped everything ran so smoothly, and was wearing a mask the entire time to keep everyone safe. She worked SO hard behind the scenes and helped everyone have a great time.” – Review of Emily Katherine Events (Photo by Ariel Kaitlin Photography

We’re talking about the two vendors you’ll spend the most time with on your special day – your wedding photographer and coordinator.

You should love your venue or elopement location after a tour, feel excited for your meal after tastings, and trust that your florist and stylist understand your preferences, but when wedding day comes, those decisions are finalized and you can enjoy the results of their labor without directly interacting with the humans who make the magic happen. But before you book your elopement planner or coordinator and your photographer, make sure you like their personality.

Why do you need to personally like these vendors? Because they will be in your personal bubble on your wedding day.

It’s important to surround yourself with people you know, love, and enjoy spending time with as you commit your life to your partner, and you’ll likely spend more time with your photographer and coordinator than any other individual on your wedding day. If you have a good time with these vendors, you’re going to better enjoy your whole day.

Island Time Photography

Island Time Photography is all about creating a relaxed experience in taking photos. “It doesn’t even feel like you’re getting your photos taken!” is the number one thing I hear back after my sessions.

Wild Marie Photography

I have found my hidden talent, keeping the vibe as beautiful and chill, or crazy and energetic as you wish, while capturing the sweetest moments of your life.  I am down for any adventure and will go above and beyond to help make your day as special as I can. – Wild Marie Photography

When you hire a wedding coordinator, you’re trusting this person to communicate your wishes with your vendors, family, and guests throughout your wedding day. Their people skills and ability to interact with strangers are essential for a positive wedding experience. This vendor is the one escorting you through your day, and you want to enjoy seeing them come up to you during the wedding, rather than dread what they have to say. Plus, they’ll directly interact with guests, who will definitely notice the coordinator’s personality and the experience they create.

A wedding planner’s personality is even more important because you’ll be working with them for months leading up to your wedding. Seeing and talking with someone regularly is a big commitment, and you should feel comfortable sharing your wedding dreams, stressors, and expectations with them. When you vibe with your wedding planner, they’re better able to help you create a wedding day that expresses your love story in an authentic way.

Beauty & the Budget Events

Through all our wedding experiences, one thing has continued to be true – no matter the size of the guest count or budget, we love creating weddings that reflect the love story, relationship and personality of the couple so that they have a wedding experience unlike any other. It’s YOUR wedding day. It should feel like you – just all dolled up. – Beauty & the Budget Events (Photo by Images by Amber Robinson)

Con Amor by Sucetty

We had the pleasure to be Rhady’s Day of Coordinator on her wedding day. We had about 3 months of preparation to ensure that all her details were considered and honored on the day of her wedding. Here I am checking in on the beautiful bride and bringing the mother of bride her floral corsage. – Con Amor by Sucetty (Photo by Niada Cradle Photography)

Your wedding photographer’s personality matters because they will spend the entire wedding day with you. From the dressing room and private, intimate moments with your partner to the personal toasts and dancefloor excitement, your photographer will be in your sphere all day. You hire them to capture your event and love story, which requires some up close and personal time. They should be someone you feel comfortable around and trust to create the experience you want since they can set the tone as they lead you through photos and activities.

Every couple has a different love story and personality, and everyone wants a different wedding experience. Whatever personalities you gravitate towards, there are plenty of wedding photographers and coordinators to suit your style and goals, and all it takes is a conversation to see if you enjoy each other’s company. After all, we think the best planners and photographers are professional, experienced, and enjoyable to have a coffee with.

Want help finding the best elopement photographers and coordinators for your intimate event? Visit our Vendor Directory to get started!

Blue Satin Bee

“After rescheduling and then indefinitely postponing our Vegas wedding, Blue Satin Bee was able to perfectly capture our vision for our reimagined Oak Island wedding in just two months. I cannot speak highly enough of Kim! We immediately had a great connection from our very first call. She handles absolutely everything, and is also so kind and just a true joy to work with! I highly suggest hiring Blue Satin Bee for your wedding planner needs.” – Reivew of Blue Satin Bee (Photo by Hen House Photography)

Tom Waldenberg Photography

Whether a 200-person wedding or a courthouse elopement, I love getting to know my couples, emphasizing the parts of the day most important to them, and serving as a reliable and relaxed part of their wedding day team. – Tom Waldenberg Photography

Ents Events - Photo by Morgan Amanda Photography

“There are not enough amazing things to say about Kelsey! She made the entire planning process enjoyable and stress free. Her attention to detail calmed my nerves, and I had confidence going into my big day knowing that she had everything taken care of. Kelsey is professional and personable which shined through on the day of. Everyone loved her-seriously EVERYONE!” – Review of Ents Events (Photo by Morgan Amanda Photography)

Through Lindsey's Lens

My number one priority in any elopement or intimate wedding is focusing fully on the couple and making sure they are creating the best, most authentic, and positive memories from their day. I am simply there to capture those moments and remind them that this day is all about their love. – Through Lindsey’s Lens