Submitting Content is a Win-Win

Because content is such an important part of how we connect with couples, we’re offering all of our members content credit. If you want to share it, we want to share it!


When you submit content to ElopeNC, you’ll get credit towards a free month of membership, added on to the end of your current term. The amount of credit you receive depends on the kind of content you share, and we evaluate how much credit you’ll earn based on how many Instagram posts we can make from it.

What counts for a full content credit?

  • 3 distinct images+captions or Reels for Instagram/Mailing List
  • A resource blog with 3+ images and 300+ words
  • An elopement or styled shoot with a 150+ word description, list of vendors, and 10 – 30 images and/or 1 – 3 videos.
  • Your thoughts on an elopement or styled shoot you participated in, submitted by another vendor

How do I create content?

The purpose of content is to connect with clients. What does your client want to know?!


Step 1: Find a bit of inspiration – a question couples always ask you, tips you wish folks knew, or something you just experienced. Your website about page, blog, Instagram captions, and anything else you’ve written can be a great starting place to brainstorm content to share with ElopeNC.


Step 2: Start freewriting, even just a few jotted notes, and continue until a natural stopping point. Take a look at your notes a few hours or days later; does it still interest you? Will it help your clients learn something about elopements, themselves, or you?


Step 3: Turn your notes into sentences, and add in some examples, experiences, and excitement to fill out a few paragraphs. Add a few images/videos that add value to what you’re saying, and create an introduction paragraph that wraps everything together. (For social media, you can keep your thoughts shorter.)


Step 4: Read over your blog a few hours or days later, to make small edits and get everything together, and then submit! If you want us to edit your content for clarity, we’ll send you a draft of the text for approval.


Step 5: Check out your new content! We’ll send you a link when your blog is live and let you know when we plan to share your content on Instagram. Blogs will list you as the author, and we’ll link to your content from your vendor directory listing.

Listen in on ElopeNC’s member group chat about Creating Content to Connects with Couples!

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation

Finally, Check out our Ideal Client Worksheet!

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