Beauty & the Budget Events is a wedding and elopement planning company based in central NC that loves working with couples to create a wedding that reflects their relationship and personalities. We embrace diversity, encourage authenticity, and do everything in our power to give our couples and their guests an incredible experience.

Serving all of North Carolina

Shefa & Louis’ Sophisticated Downtown Wedding – Photo Credit: Danielle Riley Photography

I never expected to become a wedding planner, but I’ve found that most of my favorite things came as surprises. I was sitting in my cubicle at the office a month after our wedding, and it was the business name that came to me before anything else – Beauty & the Budget Events. I didn’t even know I wanted to be a business owner – I mean, I probably wouldn’t have been an English major working in scientific publishing if I’d had any clue – but there I was, with way too much free time after planning my own wedding, a business name, and no clue what came next.

But over the coming weeks, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, and before I knew it, I was doing research, chatting with my own coordinator about how she started her business, and talking to my brand-new husband about if we should do this crazy business-owner thing. After all, our own intimate wedding, with only 40 guests and an $8K budget, was so different from the weddings we saw on TV, and we wanted to be prepared for anything. 

I met with as many vendors as I could, soaking up all the knowledge and experience I could, and just three months after our wedding, we booked our first clients. Before we knew it, we were all in. Within our first two years of business, we worked with an incredibly diverse client base, wanting as many new experiences and opportunities as we could get our hands on. With over twenty weddings, we were able to work in 17 towns across NC, in venues ranging from mountaintop barns and hotel ballrooms to industrial spaces and residential backyards.

Owner Stephanie Milosh – Photo Credit: Danielle Riley Photography

Just as our venues have always been diverse, so have our couples, and we’ve been grateful from the start for each couple who’s trusted us with their wedding dreams, even if we didn’t look the same, practice the same religion, or come from a similar background. Every time I have the opportunity to work with someone new, I love hearing about the beautiful traditions they want to include, especially if I haven’t heard of it before. A groom from Hawaii wore a lei around his neck; a bride from Puerto Rico opted for a bilingual ceremony; a groom from Norway included a traditional Kransekake wedding cake; a bride from New Orleans danced around during a Second Line while waving a rainbow flag.

Through all our wedding experiences, one thing has continued to be true – no matter the size of the guest count or budget, we love creating weddings that reflect the love story, relationship and personality of the couple so that they have a wedding experience unlike any other. It’s YOUR wedding day. It should feel like you – just all dolled up.

Dakota & Andrew take time for an intimate moment in an empty field – Photo Credit: Siobhan Lorraine Photography

Q: What’s your title/position in your business? 

A: Owner + Wedding Personalization Specialist

Q: Is there a wedding detail on your bucket list?

A: I’d love to work in a hot air balloon field!

Q: What are your favorite styles of elopements?

A: Anything that really reflects the couple and their relationship

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I have a pet ferret named Bellatrix who’s the cutest creature on the planet

Q: Where was your favorite elopement?

A: During the music festival at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

Second Line parade for LGBT wedding at a private residence – Photo Credit: Kivus & Camera

“Enthusiastic and Details Queen”
Beauty and the Budget Events was fantastic in wedding planning our 2020 wedding ceremony. We had to change our plans due to covid-19 and B&B Events were flexible and adaptable when we had to change our larger wedding to an elopement ceremony in our backyard. Everything was perfect! We needed a lot of assistance with our wedding design plan and B&B Events quickly understood our style. She combined my fun and colorful style to my partner’s modern and clean style. Everything was absolutely beautiful from the cake table decorations, reception dinner decorations, and our selfie backdrop! B&B Events was always professional, responsive and went above and beyond to make my wedding day super special! I highly recommend B&B Events for coordinating your wedding day!”

Tina & Zack, Elopement Planning

Sweetheart table for an Alice in Wonderland inspired event – Photo Credit: Ariel Kaitlin Photography

India & Colin share a first kiss – Photo Credit: Images by Amber Robinson

Boho eclectic elopement table with upcycled bottles and pallet board table – Photo Credit: The Wild Bloom Co