I am a professional artist and my services for the wedding industry are live wedding paintings! As a live painter, I will attend the wedding and paint on-site the specific scene the couple wants me to capture anywhere from the ceremony, first dance, first kiss, anything they desire.

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Although I’ve been painting for over 15 years, my journey to becoming a wedding painter actually began unexpectedly during the planning of my own wedding in 2019. I was running in a trail race and I was having a casual conversation with one of the runners who told me about his girlfriend, who happens to be a wedding painter. I actually tried to book her to paint my wedding, but sadly she wasn’t available, but my wheels began turning at that point. I wasn’t happy in my current profession, so I kept researching the business side of Live Wedding Painters. I then asked a couple getting married if I could sit in during their ceremony and practice. It was early December the weather and venue were gorgeous. The married couple-to-be were young and in love. 

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My husband and I married in our late twenties, and it was so refreshing to see that young love conquers all. Also, the reception music was hopping!

This was in the middle of Covid when bookings were very slow for everyone, especially a live wedding painter that just started. Business didn’t pick up for me until I painted live at The Cornelius Properties’ Open House in September of 2021. With some generosity from the venue owners, my business exploded. My favorite part is being a part of someone’s most memorable day. It makes me remember my wedding day and all of the great things that have happened since. Being a part of someone’s wedding is a great way to remember the good times. I also love witnessing everyone’s unique cultures and traditions OR throwing traditions to the wind.

It’s always exciting to capture the beauty and joy of a couple’s day with the stroke of my paintbrush. And beyond live wedding painting, we love working with couples to create unique wedding favors to share with their guests, such as customized coasters, ornaments, and signs. I also create artwork in other mediums, such as illustration, jewelry, pyrography, and murals. Besides art and running, I love hunting, horseback riding, and teaching.

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Q: What’s your title/position in your business?

A: Anna Hinson, Owner and Lead Artist

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A: I considered going on Naked & Afraid!

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Anna was the best live wedding painter I could have ever dreamed of! Not only did she coordinate with my family regarding a surprise for my wedding day, she remained professional, kind, and accommodating throughout the whole process. Lucky for me, I found her through the work she did with The Cornealius Properties. She had more than fair prices for the work she did. I have already commissioned 2 additional paintings from her because her work is so amazing. I cannot speak highly enough about Anna & her talents. If you’re on the fence about having a live wedding painter– stop hesitating!! Book with Anna, you definitely will not regret it!

Bailey & Nick Godwin 2021

Hannah Fitzgerald - Grantham Wedding 2019 - Wedding Painter