When you hire a wedding photographer, their importance continues after the wedding day, since you’ll be eagerly awaiting your online gallery, not just to share with others but to experience your day all over again, through the eyes of an observer. Beyond your wedding itself, the photos are about preserving the special time you spent with the one you love and those people and moments that were worth enjoying on this important day.

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The digital photos are great and are sure to be your most-liked social media posts of the year, but beyond the online experience, have you considered how you’ll keep and continue enjoying your images? In a few years, are you going to scroll back through your feed or pull out the old USB? At Anna Danielle Photography, we believe albums have so much value that they are included in every wedding collection we offer. Below are my Top 3 Reasons every couple should invest in a wedding album and why I believe these hand-crafted heirlooms are so important.

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1. This is your love story and legacy.

Some of my oldest and most cherished memories include time spent with loved ones, especially my grandmother, looking through old photos, and I bet you have a similar experience. We would pull the shoebox full of old family photos out of the closest and flip through those albums with photos protected by plastic sleeves. We’d reminisce and laugh about old stories, try to match family members with their younger pictures, and hear stories that might have otherwise been forgotten.


More important than the physical photos is the preservation of the stories behind them. Being able to look back is a chance to remember and retell your story, and as time goes on, your wedding album becomes an heirloom to pass down through your family.

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2. Technology changes, but print never goes out of style.

We all know tech changes faster than we can keep up with. In just the past few years, I’ve had to change from a computer with USB ports to the new USB-C ports, and because of this upgrade, I had to purchase new flash drives and buy pesky adapters that are too easy to lose. Digital copies of photographs are great for sharing on social media and with friends and family, and you might even look through the pictures on your phone from time to time, but nothing will ever replace the importance of paper.


Photographic prints always have been and always will be around. If you’re going to invest in having your beautiful memories captured, the decision to invest in preserving your images should be an easy choice. Albums not only stand the test of time, but they are beautiful artforms. Heirloom albums, which are intended to last, are handcrafted with archival quality papers that will outlive us, and the finest cover materials to protect your memories and investment. Printed wedding albums are the best way to preserve your photographs.

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3. A custom design helps enhance memories.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but nothing beats a good first impression. Just like your wedding was created, curated, and planned with your love story in mind, a custom-designed heirloom wedding album has your overall wedding aesthetic and story in mind. Together, we will choose not only the images that go into your album, but cover material that matches your style, including a few words on the cover that help enhance the experience and reflect the story you’re preserving. Each part of your album is tailored to you, and just like no one else has your style or love story, no one else will have your album.

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Anna Danielle Photography
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